What is Dine & Opine?

Dine & Opine is a Charlotte, NC based book club. We currently have about 10 members- although a few have moved- they are still on the email list… and once you join you never get off the emailing list!

Who is in Dine & Opine?

Check us out!

How do you pick the books?

Each month one member picks between 3 to 5 books to bring to the “meeting”. After reading the blurbs about each book we vote. The book with the most votes is the book that we read for the following “meeting.”

What is your “Pick” Order?

We do have an order in which we pick books. However, don’t worry new comers, your chance gets squeezed in shortly after you are officially a Dine & Opiner…

Why do you have the word meeting in Quotes?

Once a month we meet at a restaurant to discuss the book…. although at times it can be hard to stay on topic… therefor these “meetings” are very fun and usually involve wine- so ours are not at all what is considered a normal meeting.


Yes- every month we meet at a restaurant. The person who choose the book picks for the month- picks the restaurant. We try to have fun with this and try to match the “Theme” of the book to the restaurant. If that cannot be done- then a play on words works just as well. we actually have a page dedicated to the restaurants that we have dined; along with a quick review- mainly about the deserts and beverages selection!

What books has Dine & Opine read?

We have included our picks since 2003!!! You can check out the pages to see what we have read. Each book has who picked it, where we ate and a thumbs up or thumbs down.

How do you rate the books?

After every discussion we go around the table and either give the book a Thumbs up or thumbs down. We do this after the discussion because it is amazing to see people change their mind about the book after hearing everyone’s thoughts!