Book discussion on The Power

March 2018

The book pick for March was The Power by Naomi Alderman.

To be completely honest. I am drawing a blank on this book. I remember a funny thing that happened, to me not in the book. I ordered the book and it arrived. See, normally I go to the locally owned book store, this time around I didn’t. I knew I wouldn’t have time til a few days later and I wanted to start reading this book; so I ordered in online. When the book arrived I was reminded as to why I like to go into book stores… you see the book that arrived was the correct book- only in Spanish. Now, I did take Spanish in high school; however my capability to read this book, in Spanish, was beyond me. So I am hoping that a few of the other Dine & Opiners can help me out and share their opinions on the book!


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